Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Garden 2013: The Start of My Cantaloupe Bed

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Last year we had some mild success at growing Cantaloupe Melons. We love this fruit! This year I decided to try again. I have a raised bed dedicated to Watermelon and Cantaloupe.

The wire cages I'm using this year are not ideal for Cantaloupe, but they worked ok last year. These are normal wire Tomato cages. These will not be used for Tomatoes. The Cantaloupe will vine along the ground, but can be trained to go along a trellis as well. I will train mine to wind around these wire Tomato cages.

Cantaloupe Planting - Daddykirbs Garden Blog

Notice that I tied the tops of the cages together. This is done for support. Each cage on it's own isn't very sturdy so they tend to lean over. With each of them supporting each other they should stand the weight of the plant and fruit on them.

Here is a short video that explains the process.

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